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BMW AVILON Golf Cup 2021 will consist of 6 qualifying tournaments and a two days final.

  • 29-30 May – Zavidovo PGA National Golf Club
  • 18-19 June – Pestovo Golf&Yacht club
  • 9, 11 July – Links National Golf Resort
  • 14-15 August - Tseleevo Golf Club. Final

Each qualifying tournament allows for 80 golfers. Every participate is allowed to attend as maximus as 3 qualifiers, while only 2 best scores will be considered to make cut for the final.

Number of finalists in each of 5 handicap divisions (3 – men and 2 ladies) will be decided based on proportion of players in each division present in all qualification games.
Within main frame of the tournament there will be another competition for Grand Prix, to join this competition a player must conform hcp allowance of 11.9 for men and 11.9 for ladies alike, the scoring Net Strokeplay (Gross off handicap), the player who show the lowest score in two qualifiers and two final rounds

General Guidelines of the tournament

• BMW Avilon Golf Cup invites amateur golfers with confirmed and active EGA handicap under 30 for men and 36 for ladies

• Participants will be separated into 5 handicap divisions: 3 for male players and 2 for lady players

• Each player is allowed for as maximum as 3 qualifying games out of which 2 best scores will be presented for qualifying for the Final

• Final is played from zero point, results shown by the players in two final rounds summarized

• Scoring for the above competition is Stableford with handicaps


• In a Grand Prix tournament, only the absolute winner is determined - the player who showed the least number of strokes in all 4 games of the tournament. These handicap groups participate in grand prix:

• True Singles (hcp 0 – 9.9)
• Contenders (extract hcp 10.0 – 11.9)

Handicap divisions:

• Gentlemen
0 – 9.9 – True Singles
10.0 – 16.9 – Contenders
17.0 – 30.0 – Chellengers

• Ladies:

0 – 11.9 – Lady D
12.0 – 36 – Lady Gaga

29-30 May, 2021

Zavidovo PGA Golf National

Zavidovo PGA National is the only golf course in Russia carrying the prestigious PGA title.

High PGA standards appled to all components of the club: from the condition of the 18-hole championship course and the PGA national Golf Academy to the quality of service and club infrastructure.

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Zavidovo PGA Golf National
Pestovo golf club
18 - 19 June, 2021

Pestovo golf club

Pestovo Golf club is built in accordance with international standards and it doesn’t have any analogs in Moscow and Moscow Region. The championship course is prepared for games at the highest level — it can host prestigious major tournaments.

Membership in the private closed club «Pestovo» is a lifetime privilege opening multifaceted opportunities of sports and cultural life of modern golf community.

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9, 11 July, 2021

Links National Golf Club

The 18-hole championship course with a unique landscape for Russia in the classic Scottish style "links", designed by the world-famous Golf architect John Flynn, became the semantic and energy center of the Golf resort.

The design of the Golf course is characterized by hilly terrain and elevation differences.

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Links National Golf Club
14-15 August, 2021

Tseleevo Golf Club


Tseleevo Golf course is one of the most beautiful and challenging courses in the world.

The field was designed by the master-Jack Nicholas - the most famous and most titled golfer of modern time.

Tseleevo has been repeatedly appreciated and officially recognized as the Best Golf course in Russia.

Stunning and unique in its beauty, interesting and challenging even for the most sophisticated golfers.